5-4-3-2-1 Out Slot Strategy

When you sit down to play any slot game, either online or offline, unless you have been closely monitoring that machines past performance you never really know if the last person to play it won a jackpot or a series of large wins.

If this previous player did then you will be oblivious to the fact, but that machine will become the opposite of loose and will, in no time at all, gobble up all your bankroll and will give you very little back in return.

So this is where the 5-4-3-2-1 Out slot strategy comes into play, and a great many slot players swear by this system as it can often save them from suffering a losing bankroll depleting slots session.

The strategy is relatively simple, you simply play one game on the slot for one spin and see how you performed, if you won nothing then, so far thats not a sign of impending doom.

On the next spin again you monitor your spin result and once again if you won nothing then you should think, well maybe the slot is slightly cold, next you play another three spins and once again if no winning combinations have appeared on any of the activated reels you should stop playing that slot.

So to re-iterate what we have just told you, you play the slot for five spins, and if not one winning combination has appeared then stop playing that particular slot game and go find another one.

The reason for this is that with the advent of multi lined video slots you should over five spins on the reels at least hit a few small insignificant wins, but if not are appearing that is often a sign that the slot has just paid out a large win or possibly a jackpot.

If you continue to play that particular slot then you are simply throwing your money away, as the machine will currently have a high payout percentage and is trying to lower this back to normal, and the only way it can achieve this is by sucking in your money and giving you no wins in return!

Once you move on to the next slot you repeat this strategy, once again playing five spins on the game and evaluating what you have or have not had in return or payouts from these five spins, if you got nothing back then once again you should move on!

Should on the other hand, in the five spins you made, be hitting lots of winning combinations or bonus games then you should stick with that slot as it may be in loose mode and be about to give you a good winning session.