Bonus Game Collecting Strategy

As you may or may not know most of the video slot games that can be found online will have attached to them one or sometimes two different types of bonus games, that are usually triggered by getting three or more scatter symbols anywhere in view.

One triggered they can award all manner of different features, from free spins to picking games, but as they on average only trigger around 150 games apart they can and do often enable you to win a sizeable sum.

Getting these bonus games can be quite exciting as you never really know whether you are going to win big or not once they hit, so this has led to a relatively new slot strategy that should give you a very good session.

The objective of this Bonus Game Collecting strategy is to guarantee that on one session, chosen by yourself you will be guaranteed several of these bonus games awaiting for you once you decide the time is right!

So how does it work I hear you cry, well you need to save up bonus games during your normal slot sessions. You simply play these bonus game awarding video slots as you normally would but once you trigger the bonus game simply click the exit button to exit that perticular slot.

The casino software then remembers that you have triggered a bonus game and the next time you log in it will be waiting for you once you launch that particular game.

The idea is to save up just one of these bonus games in the previous five or maybe ten slot sessions that you have at that particular casino and then whenever you get the urge you simply log in and play them off one by one.

Imagine being guaranteed ten bonus games on the next ten slot games you launch from the game menu, and as these can and often do payout some sizeable amounts by saving them up you can often win a tidy sum!

Most online casinos if not all of them allow you to exit the game and the casino at anytime and will always remember that you have a bonus game awaiting your return, so if this slot strategy appeals to you then why not give it a try!