Gamble All Wins Strategy

One of the most commonly used slot playing strategies is the Gamble All Wins Strategy, which seems to work very well on UK Fruit Machine type slot games which can be found in abundance at several online slots sites.

This way of playing calls for a very level head and you will need to keep your nerve and have a generous bankroll, but it can and often does enable you to walk away with the slot games top prize time and time again.

This Gamble All Wins Strategy is not for the faint hearted so if you just play slots for fun and entertainment then maybe it is not the one for you to try but we shall take a little closer look at the working of this slot strategy below.

You first need to find a UK Fruit Machine type slot game, they are sometimes referred to as AWP's which simply means Amusement With Prizes and several online casinos have such games, Cryptologic and Microgaming to name a couple.

Next you need to ensure that the slot game has a gamble feature, this simply means that every time you spin in a winning combination on the reels you are given the option of gambling it on a double or nothing basis.

You then simply play the slot as normal, but every time you spin in a winning combination you have to gamble it, if the gamble wins you must gamble it again, and keep on gambling it until you win the top prize or lose.

This may seem like a very strange way to play a slot game, but the theory behind this way of playing is that UK Fruit Machines are set to pay back a certain payout percentage and by gambling every win and losing you will be forcing the current payout percentage of the slot game lower and lower.

Being pre-programmed to ensure it keeps to it pre-determined payout percentage these machines have to payout at least the minimum payout percentage built into the machine, so by making sure you are keeping it low eventually the mechanics of the payout percentage will either force in a jackpot win or you will complete a series of winning gambles that ensures you hit the top prize.

It can be a very high risk slot strategy but as mentioned you can and often will force the machine to give you its jackpot payout by simply playing it in this manner.