How To Cheat Slot Machines

Back in 2001 there was a very unusual attack on an online casino software company that resulted in slot cheats and several genuine players receiving a massive amount of cash thanks to some rather daring scamsters.

The company that suffered this attack was Cryptologic and what happened was a hacker managed to get into the system and alter the payout percentages of several games which included their very popular Rags to Riches slot.

The hacker simply ensured that every single spin made was a winning one during the attack and thus was able to play the slot as usual but guarantee walking away with a profit.

But by doing this particular scam the hacker also made it possible for a large amount of genuine, honest players to also become winners as the slot didnt differentiate from scamster or real player!

So once the hacker had re-programmed the slot to payout then the scene was set, and during a few hours an amazing $1.9 million was won by players on this particular slot.

Every sin of the reels resulted in a winning spin, and eventually one honest player took it upon himself to contact the casino he was playing at and inform them that either he was the luckiest man alive or their slot games was broken!

This information was relayed to Cryptologic and their security team sprung into operation and disconnected that particular slot so they could check what was wrong with it, once the hacker work had been reversed the slot was put back into play.

This left Cryptologic with a bit of a headache, as they couldn't tell who the hacker was from the numerous players who had innocently played that slot game that night so what could they do.

They soon realised that in the interests of fair play they should honour all of the payouts and it was decided that everyone who had had a winning session on the Rags to Riches slot (which was every one who had played it) would be paid out, and this gesture cost them this $1.9 million!

This event made all of the online slots casino software companies ensure that such situations never arose again and they have, thanks to advances in security, put in place system checks to ensure this never happens again!

An official spokesperson from Cryptologic did state after the attack that this was a malicious attack on the company, someone trying to hurt the company itself and that there was a high likelihood that this person had, at the time of the attack intimate knowledge of their system, so it what not just your average player out there trying to get into the system.

Cryptologic have grown and grown since this attack and have proved that even in the face of such situations their thoughts are always with genuine, honest players.