How To Win At Slots

If there was a sure fire, guaranteed way to win at slots then there would be no casinos either online or offline, however there are a few hints and tips we can give you that will possibly allow you to put into place a good slots playing system.

Below you will find the top ten tips for how to win playing slots, like we say it won't guarantee you a big jackpot but they will certainly help in your quest for regular slots profits.

1. If you are playing any slot game that has a progressive or random jackpot attached then avoid playing them if the current amount is low, as this indicates a recent big winner and the machine will usually become very tight.

2. The reverse of point one above is to keep your eyes peeled for very high progressive jackpots as this indicates they haven't paid out their top prize recently and therefore maybe due to be hit.

3. To get maximum play for your money and maybe get you closer to a few big wins you should become a member of the casinos comp club, as this will reward you with extra free cash for every real money spin of the slots you make, and this can quickly add up.

4. Consider accepting a bonus from an online casino either a new player one or one of the many ongoing ones that they offer, this can often double your initial bankroll and give you a much better chance of a winning slots session.

5. Always set yourself a winning goal and once you hit this amount click on the cash out button, it is all too easy to hit a big win then up your stakes thinking you are on a winning streak, by not cashing out and raising your stakes you stand a real risk of busting out.

6. Look out for new slots that have recently appeared as often the casino operators increase the payout percentages of these machines to let players get a bit more bang for their buck. They sometimes increase the hit rate of bonus features on new slots to give the impression that a new game is more loose than it will be in a few weeks time.

7. If you are playing with a friend or family then why not agree to split any big jackpots that either of you win, by doing so even if you don't win big you still have a chance of a fair return should your slots companion win,

8. If you are playing a slot and in the first five or six spins you don't hit anything then consider moving to another machine as often this is a good indication that the slot is cold and will take a lot of money before it pays out.

9. Never play slot games, or for that matter any casino game for real money if you are drunk or tired, as you may make silly mistakes when playing them or ending up spending much more than you first intended to.

10. Finally look at playing slots as entertainment, set yourself a budget and keep to it.