Penny Slots Jackpot Chasing

Penny Slots Jackpot chasing is a relatively new slot machine playing tactic, the basics of this way of playing is that you find a slot machine that offers what is called a Random Jackpot.

A Random Jackpot is an ever growing progressive that is awarded totally at random at the end of a game, the beauty of this type of slot jackpot is that you don't need to line up any winning combination on the reels, you simply play the slot as normal, then at the end of the game the jackpot may be awarded.

It doesn't matter what stake levels you are playing for as everyone has an equal chance of winning them, and this means that savvy players have latched onto the fact that the more games and spins on the reels you make the better your chances of hitting one.

So what these players tend to do is to play the slot game in auto play mode for just one penny per spin, they will set the game to automatically play thousands of spins and this will increase their chances of winning a random jackpot.

By playing just one penny per spin, and with the payout percentages of these slots being in the 95% payout range your deposit amount should last a very long time and by playing in autoplay mode you don't need to sit there click, click, clicking the start button.

Many penny slot players have hit these type of slot jackpots and with them running into many thousands of dollars this can be an excellent way of playing and thousands of spins at a penny a pop isn't going to break the bank!

If you fancy trying out this slot playing system then you need to play at a Real Time Gaming powered online casino as they have dozens of random jackpot slot games available in either their download or flash powered casino versions.