Slot Machine Secrets

There are many slot machine secrets, some of these secrets cover the way the slots play and pay and some cover the bonus games which can be awarded.

If you are playing UK fruit machines, then many of these have secret or more commonly termed "hidden" features and it can often take hours of playing until you find out what they are and what they do.

The best way to uncover these slot machine hidden features is to visit the website of the slot machine manufacturer as many of them have special sections covering these bonus games and they will often enlighten you on how to play them to the best advantage.

Slot Machine Secrets - Payout Percentages

Discovering how much a slot machine will pay back is often the most important part of choosing which slot machines to play, and many online casino software providers will not divulge such information.

What they do tend to do however is to have the overall payout percentages of all their slot games reviewed each month by a third party.

The results of this monthly audit can often be found on the respective casinos websites in the form of a payout percentage certificate.

This however isn't any good if you are looking to track down the best paying slots. If you wish to find the top paying slots then it often pays to play at Rival powered online casinos, as these casinos list the expected payout percentages of all their slot games.

This information can be found in the help files of each slot game, and this information is invaluable when hunting down the best slots to play.

More often than not all online slot games are set to payout a payback percentage of around 96% to 98%, and this allows you to get a good amount of slot spinning action for your money and a decent chance of a winning slot session.

Slot Machine Secrets - Jackpots

Another not commonly known slot machine secret is in regards to the jackpot payouts. If you are playing a slot game that has recently paid out a series of large wins or big jackpots then it is best practice to leave that machine well alone.

The reason for this is simple, once a slot game has paid out it will often become very tight, due to it currently having a payout percentage equal too or higher than it is meant to have.

The only way the slot game can do this is by not giving away any large wins for a period of time and just suck in the money.

So if you find a slot machine that has recently paid out then give it a very wide berth or otherwise you will soon go broke playing it!