Slot Machine Tips

It can be a bit confusing learning how to play slots, more so with all the new fandangled bonus games that can be triggered on the new generation of video slots, so with this in mind we have put together a quick glance guide to help you to play slots online.

Coin Selection You will first need to determine how much you want to play the slot game for, you can always adjust the coin values on most slot games by simply clicking the relevant coin or by clicking the plus or minus symbols at the base of the slot game screen.

Rememeber that you can also adjust how many coins you are going to play on each payline once again look out for this adjustable option at the bottom of the slot game screen.

Selecting Pay-lines - Next you can adjust the number of paylines that you will play, most slots will only let you adjust the number of payline in sequence, I.E. you must play line 1 first then line 2, then line 3 and so on up to the maximum number of paylines for that particular slot game.

Starting the game - Once you have decided the coin values and number of paylines you wish to play simply click the start or spin button, there will also be a max bet button and by clicking this the game will start by using the maximum number of coins on the maximum number of lines without the need for you to select them.

AutoPlay - Many online slot games now feature an AutoPlay setting, you first need to tell the game how many spins and at what stake and payline levels you wish to play then click the start autoplay or similar button, the game will then play itself.

Stop Spin - Some slots also let you stop the spin at any moment without waiting for the reels to naturally spin and come to a complete stop, this means you can play the slot games much faster.

Spin Speed - You can also adjust how slowly or how quickly you want the slot games to play at, simply adjust the levels to suit your own game play style.

Audio Settings - Another player adjustable option is the audio settings, you can usually opt to mute all sounds, just play the win sounds or have or mute the casino background noise.

Game Stats - Some slots also let you view your stats since you started that particular session, it will tell you the number of spins you have made along with your first, second and third highest winning amounts, along with the average number of spins per hour.

Hold Buttons - Some slot games usually Fruit Machine slots will let you hold certain symbols before you start the next game, to do this you simply need to click the hold button underneath the reel you wish to hold.

Nudges - Fruit Machines also award you nudges and this simply means you can move any particular reel one symbol downwards at a time simply click the nudge button underneath the reel you wish to nudge.