Slot Tactics

Below we have compiled a listing of the top slot tactics that you should put into play whenever you play online slot games, make sure you follow them to increase your chances of winning and having a winning session.

1. Before you even start to play find out which are the Loosest slots, it is no good you choosing to play a slot game with a low payout percentage as you will find it very hard to hit a decent sized win!

2. Work out how much you have to play with for that slot session, then divide it by 100 and this will then become your stake for your chosen game, so if you have $50 available to play with then each spin you make should be worth 50c. This ensure you will have an absolute minimum of 100 spins and should in theory have a reasonable chance of hitting a bonus round or two.

3. Before you start to play and make a deposit, check whether you qualify for any casino bonuses, these can often boost your initial deposit by upto or over 100% so it can often be a great way and very rewarding way of getting yourself off to a flying start.

4. Don't start to play for real money until you are sure you are a member of the casinos slots comp club, as they will give you free cash based on your level of play, and if you are having a winning session you will be amazed at how quickly these free chip comps soon add up.

5. If you see a slot player hit a big win on a slot then it is often the best policy to avoid that slot altogether as it will probably go into what is termed "suck mode" whereby it takes in huge amounts of money and won't pay anything out for ages to make up for the big payout it just made, and you don't want that!

6. If you see a slot game that has a live or progressive stand alone jackpot that appears to be exceptionally high, and that machine hasn't paid any big wins on it base game for a while then that is maybe a good indication to play it as it could be about to drop its guts!

7. Keep your eyes peeled for any brand new slot games that appear in the casino, as often these will have higher payout percentages to let players get used to them and give them the impression that these slots are always going to be more generous than they really are!

8. The most important slot tactic you can choose to use is to know when to make a cashout, this is a major and very critical part of playing any slot game, as it can be very easy to up your stake levels when you are winning and that can often make your winning and original bankroll vanish!